Thursday, December 16, 2010

Travelling & Airports

Yesterday I arrived on the beautiful island of Oahu. All was well... Until I stepped into the quarantine office. And then all Hell broke loose. But.. Let's rewind to the start of my day.

I didn't sleep well Saturday night; I was stressed about flying with Austin. So, when 0330 (a.m for those non-military) rolls around I'm rearing and ready to go. My grandmother expects me to return without Austin.. HA! (Sorry, it's just annoying to always hear people's opinions on your illness and what is necessary to treat it. They also think that 19 is too young to have a service dog... So is it too young to be sick? If so, they oughta take that one up with the man upstairs.) Anywho, let's skip ahead to the airport. We go through security... No problems, we load up on the plane, and Austin was scared at first. He was shaking so I fed him treats and then he seemed to be having a ball. I fell asleep, and he did, too. When I woke up he wasn't shaking just staring at me sleep.... Awkward. (The flight attendant was SO nice, she told me that Austin looked cold and to put him up on his mat on the seat next to me. He climbed into my arms, though.) We disembark that plane (only a two hour flight) and make our way through DFW. I of course had to take him to the relief area because our next flight was going to be eight-and-a-half hours. He looked thirsty so I bought him a water and left security. Before leaving I took a valium because I saw those new fangled scanners, and having a SD means that you have to have the new fangled pat down. Being touched by strangers really triggers me, and I knew I'd get sick, even with Austin there if I had to have one. After asking thirty odd people we find the scanty relief area (but I'm not complaining it was a relief area!) He sniffed around and I got worried that Austin wasn't going to use it; there was no grass only a fake fire hydrant and some wood chips. We'll he was determined to prove me wrong because he handled one and two. On the way back I was feeling.. A little more than high. But I was so calm that the entire airport could have blown up and I wouldn't have given a rats rear end. We made our way back through security and.. We didn't even have to do the pat down! They only checked Austin's vest. We ran into another SD (a golden-doodle, also self-trained) and I realized that Austin needs more work with dogs... Now I just need to hunt some down!!! But we went through and I was annoyed about having to get rid of my water, but I didn't complain too much. We soldiered on and I got some eatery. I was so out of it that it took me about one minute to find my wallet even though it was right in front of me. But I didn't care too much... Or at all. I sat down to eat, and spilled my food (which normally would've sent me into a rage) but I just wiped it off and laughed. A lot. And then chatted on the phone. I stayed calm enough, and that satisfied me greatly.

The plane ride was long and boring, but how is that new? Austin made friends with the neighbor guy and basically slept with his head on him the entire time. But when I got up to potty Austin was not happy! It was funny. But all went well until Quarantine time. Basically they told me he wasn't an SD and that made me so mad. The guy was rude and thought he knew EVERYTHING. My mom handled him and soon before the week is out I'll be going to the quarantine station with my letters and having that handled. Pisses me off it really did. Sorry the ending wasn't so good here, this has just been an awful week, but don't worry... That's the next blog post!!

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