Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making mistakes

As I said in my first post, I have a psychiatric service dog named Austin. He's a real cutie. I'm on a neat listserv and all of the people often said "I'd never go anywhere my dog wasn't welcome." So I took it to heart. Austin is like an extension of me. He sees parts of me that I don't have to talk about. I love him to death.

On Black Friday, we went shopping and had a wonderful time. That night the Auburn-Alabama game was going on and we were invited to watch it at the home of a family friend. But because she had family she just didn't think bringing Austin was a good idea. I sort of saw it coming, but hearing it hurt me really badly. Ever since my family moved to Hawaii, it's hard to feel welcome anywhere. I've always stood out, but I guess things just became more difficult without my family by my side. So I lashed out and made a facebook post (real mature, right?) It said that I would never ever go anywhere my service dog wasn't welcome even if a death occurred and blah blah blah. I'm not big on swearing, but I was a complete and total bad word. Lots of them actually. See, the problem is is that I LOVE that woman. She has really been an inspiration in a lot of the things I've went through. She is strong and real and so doggone funny. She has a beautiful family and that woman can SHOP! I think she'd donate a kidney for me if she had one to spare. And what did I do, I insulted her and didn't think it through.

I guess the important thing comes from being able to realize your mistakes and admit that you are wrong. Now I can only hope I'm forgiven. Learn from my mistakes... And know that you can't take words back.

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