Friday, December 10, 2010

Olive Garden and more

So, even before Austin arrived, Olive Garden was a hot spot for my boyfriend and I. We'd go at least once a week. It was fun! And so when Austin finally arrived I knew we had to go together for the first time. Steff (my bf) took us, and when we walked in they lady looked at us a little, oddly. Austin was vested, of course. But they seated us (not asking any questions) and put us off in a corner. I was a little bit MORE than perturbed. There was no one anywhere near us, and I knew that we had just been quarantined. So I asked for the manager, and when he came I told him about my feelings and he says "Yes, you've been separated because of the dog, which, by the way, can't be in here." I told him Austin was a service dog, and he said "Oh!" He apologized profusely and offered to move us, but I sort of liked our little nook in our own little world, so we opted to stay. Austin did fine, and we had a wonderful meal.

Earlier we went back, and the same manager was working. He knows us now, as we've been back many times since the incident. There was a lady behind us who pulled him to the side and began talking with him. She had her back to us but I could read his lips. He told her it was a service animal. I was a little offended, but I know that she handled it the proper way. I generally have the feeling of having to say something. I mean I get pissed at the drop of a pin, but I was a little disoriented because of a triggering fire alarm. Generally I dart whenever loud noises suddenly blare, but this time, I finally was able to stay planted long enough for me to be helped out. I was insanely dazed, though. And even those who weren't mentally ill were upset. They were just able to get down the stairs whereas I generally would have hidden away. But that lady was still better than the idiots behind us who made the comment about a dog. But I didn't hear, Steffon did. Anyways we ate our meal and had a wonderful time. I think Austin has started alerting. Because I was in the middle describing the ENTIRE Prince Caspian movie to Steffon when Austin jumped up on me. About a minute later I felt like my head was being squeezed on both sides. My words started to slur and it was just bad news. Other than terrible episode I was alright-ish. I had trouble walking, but that's not particularly new. In Petco is where I really started having trouble, my legs felt like they weighed 30 pounds each, which is quiet possible, but it's different when you feel the weight. I think it is, at least. I had a hard time, there.

On Sunday I'll be taking a looong flight back home to Hawaii. But I'll be laying over in Dallas. I fly out of Mobile, which is nice because they don't have the new scanners in place. Having a service dog means that you don't get a choice in your method; it's instantly going to be the pat down. I have so much trouble with being felt in those ways. It brings back memories that I wish I didn't have. I've been freaking out trying to figure out how I was going to make it, because when I get to DFW, I'm going to have to leave security to potty Austin. And then I'm going to have to have a serious pat down. After hearing all the horror stories on youtube (my psychologist even had a few), I knew there had to be something else to do. I called my psychiatrist and got something to help level my anxiety. Now I KNOW I'll make it through. Yes! Just sucks that it has to be done by drugging up.

Signing out,

Whitney and Austin

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