Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things Are Heating Up

Hey! So I sort of suck at updating, but I'm putting an alarm on my iPad to remind me to do it more. Anyways, here's the skinny.

I've taken myself off of ALL medications. Which I thought was good, but I'm starting to realize wasn't really. Turns out I didn't overcome my depression; the drugs did. But the anxiety has been really bearable. I have been having some difficulties, but I have to keep reminding myself of the good things that have been going on. Oh! You want to hear the good? Segwaaaaaaaay!

So, I just had a surfing lesson, and guess what?!!? I'm actually pretty darn good at it! Yeah, the only problem is the paddling. My arms aren't sore, but they should be! I had a lovely Christmas, and got these awesome headphones and a new celly! Cha-ching!!! Austin has been healthy, and I have, too. Which is a real shocker. I spent most of the semester sick. Hey, maybe all I needed were the healing Hawaiian waters!!! 

But, there has been some bad. People coming in and out of my life is hard for me. I always get super attached. Well, that's been a bad idea. I also hate being away from my boyfriend. It causes issues. My roommates and I don't get along, and they decided to move out. I don't really know if that's a good or a bad thing, though. I'm all about learning adult lessons and trying not to run from the problem. But at least I'll have a clean house! I love clean houses! 

Well, I have a house to clean. And I need to start packing up my toys! I have to go! Be back soon!


Whitney and the ever faithful Austin

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